High speed AI based flow classification engine: Telescope

Telescope helps Internet Service Providers and Network Operators plan network capacity, optimize bandwidth use, enhance customer experience, and reduce subscriber churn. Telescope offers deep visibility into network flows and enables data-driven decision making.

Using cutting-edge Canopus AI, it identifies, classifies, and logs every long flow in real-time; it shows the traffic mix by content type, provider, and rate/resolution on an hourly and daily basis; and it shows the service consumption profile per-subscriber.

Application layer network visibility and analytics
Measure customer experience
Detect live game-play flows
Log every long flow for forensics
Real time dashboards
Multi tenant support

Rich set of traffic signatures

Telescope uses multiple methods to classify traffic and new signatures are added rapidly. Telescope micro-services architecture enables adding of multiple Machine Learning models without any changes in the system. Whether its SSL identification, DNS tracking or AI/ML profile fingerprinting, Telescope does it all.

Video Streaming
Music streaming
Video Conferencing
Social Networking
File Storage
Software Updates
Live Game-play
Game Downloads
Speed Tests
Large Downloads

Just tap your traffic and start driving your network smart. Easy to deploy !

New signatures for detecting/managing security threats coming soon.