Our technology is scalable with up to 400Gbps throughput provided by utilising “off-the-shelf” hardware, is encryption independent and easy to deploy across any organisation’s network infrastructure.

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Choose your flavour : VNF or SDN accelerated VNF

Our classification solution is available either as a pure virtual solution (VNF) for lower scale requirements (10G) or as a combination of hardware (SDN switch) and the VNF for ultra high scales (100G+)

Virtual Solution : VNF

For up to 10Gbps (each direction) traffic rates, our VNF solution delivers high performance in just 8 cores. This is the perfect option for small scale telcos or enterprises whose traffic rates are in the order of 10-20 Gbps, and do not want to invest in buying any hardware. The solution works both on bare metal server, as well as in a virtualised environment such as Openstack. These two deployment scenarios are shown below.

SDN accelerated VNF

Leverage the unprecedented scale by combining SDN with NFV: Our SDN accelerated VNF solution scales from 40Gbps to 100Gbps and beyond. Our smart VNF balance the processing of the traffic between hardware (Noviswitch) and software to achieve much higher scale than a virtual solution alone. All you need to do is acquire an SDN capable (OF 1.3) switch. Contact us and we would arrange for it, or buy yourself . Only one Deployment architecture is shown below, it works in a similar fashion with the hypervisor also.

Our Differentiation

Our differentiation provides unparalleled network insights at affordable costs compared to existing traditional solutions

Analyse flows not packets

Unlike traditional DPI technologies which rely on packet inspection, Canopus uses Machine Learning to profile data flows, allowing unprecedented detailed network analytics at high data rates

Scalable to 400 Gbps

Canopus solution is highly scalable with current throughput capacity of up to 400Gbps in just 4RU

Encryption Independent

Canopus AI allows network analytics to occur on any encrypted data stream by utilising Canopus patented FlowPulse technology.

Analytics separated from "In-line" action

Traditional DPI integrate both Analytics and Action "in-line" while Canopus decouples the two, allowing Analytics to occur out-of-line with zero risk. Action is provided in-line via off-the-shelf hardware or is integrated into existing hardware.

Utilises low cost white box hardware

Canopus dramatically reduces the cost of deployment by utilising white box off-the-shelf hardware which can be acquired by the customers through a range of vendors.